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HBCU Research Symposium Workshops

HBCU Research Symposium Workshops

HBCU Research Magazine will offer a variety of information sessions and workshops associated with the HBCU Research Symposium  Symposium.

Symposium information sessions

Symposium information sessions are designed to introduce faculty, students or other applicants to the HBCU Research Symposium, the application process, and the day-of procedures.

Abstract writing workshops

Abstract writing workshops include information on what exactly is an abstract, how to write one, and what information to include. If you already have a draft, you may also bring this to the session for feedback.

Poster design workshops

Poster design workshops focus on how to design a poster, what information to include, and how to draw the attention of your audience through the use of a visual aid. Posters are a method of communication just like books, movies or websites. The better your poster design, the more likely your audience will understand your project.

PowerPoint presentation workshops

PowerPoint presentation workshops address how to organize a PowerPoint presentation, how to design slides, and how to draw the attention of your audience.

Oral presentation practice sessions*

Practice your Symposium oral presentation and get feedback. We encourage you to come to the sessions regardless of what stage of the preparation process you are in. HBCURS staff, faculty, committee members and Post-docs will be available to help you. The practice sessions are also a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the technology in the room.

* Practice session sign-up information will be distributed to presenters via email and the My Symposium homepage after November 2019.